Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Considering buying a GalaxyS8

I am considering renewing my smartphone. The current one is Google Nexus 5, released some years ago. It is still well working. But its battery is expiring. And also, the connection range of the service provider I have a contract is not so good. Therefore, I am planning to change the provider as well as buying a new smartphone.

The first candidate is Samsung's Galaxy S8. It looks a splendid one. The spec and the figure are amazing.

I have been an Android user for several years. I have not considered possessing an iPhone but rare excepting moments.

My past entry: A case of failing to get an iPhone

In addition, some say Galaxy S8 is far better than iPhoneX.

International Business Times: Five reasons the iPhone X is already years behind the Samsung Galaxy

According to the article above, there are some advantages in Galaxy S8 compared to iPhoneX. I agree the author's claim to some extent. Samsung has excellent technique and rich experience in utilizing organic EL display. Limited in just recent years, Apple has released inferior products than Samsung, I think.

Samsung adopted "follower strategy" to catch up Apple. It seems successful. They are competing for each other, including legal battles. I hope creative competition will make more attractive products in the future.

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