Thursday, May 25, 2017

Women in a deprived region become anxious than men

A recent large study showed that women were more likely to be anxious than men in a deprived region.

This study, published in British Medical Journal, targeted 21,000 UK people to investigate their anxiety level. As a result, 2.5% of the women were diagnosed with general anxiety disorder. And the wealth level of where they live was influential in women, not in men.

Independent: Poorer women far more affected by anxiety than men, study finds

The author suggested the fact that women were highly likely to be a single parent was related to this result. Also, lower wage in women seems to be associative.

On the other hand, genetic factors seem not to be mentioned in this article.  Women are likely to become anxious, generally speaking. Thus, they may be vulnerable to environmental factors to cause general anxiety disorder. I think this pathway is also not ignorable to discuss the high prevalence of anxiety in women in the deprived region.

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