Thursday, May 11, 2017

A case of continuous sexual abuses occurred in Cambridge

It was shocking for me to see the news that a teacher had abused a pupil for years. According to the media, he chained a girl naked to a radiator after the class dismissed almost every day. The sexual abuse was continued for years.

The BBC: Council 'failed to protect girl from abusive teacher'

It is regrettable that this serious crime was not prevented despite a social worker had previously warned the risk of sexual offending of the abuser. He had been suspected of another case, but still had been permitted to teach girls.

Now the abuser was banned from teaching forever. But, it does not exclude the possibility that he will contact other girls in other settings such as a private teaching session. Sexual abuse very frequently recurs, as it is an addictive behavior. Regardless of punishing him, he needs to take a series of therapy to modify the tendency to an abusive relationship.

Also, the court ordered the council to compensate the victim's agony. A total of 550,000 GBP was paid to the victim. I do not think that the amount is excessive for her damage. I am not sure that the council was really responsible for this incident. Anyway, it is sure that someone needed to alleviate the magnitude of the damage on her.

Also, it is not surprising that she had not been able to call for help for years. Victims of a sexual crime are likely to feel so solitude that they abandon to gain the supports of others.

Similar incidents also occur in Japan. We should be aware of the risk of this kind of crimes around ourselves.

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