Monday, May 29, 2017

Trip to Atami

Recently, I visited Atami.

Atami is located in Shizuoka prefecture. It is popular as a spa town. The climate is warm, and there are some palm trees along the seashore.

This pine tree is "Omiya-no-matsu." It is connected to "Konjiki-Yasha," an ancient tale of poor lovers.

At the top of a mountain, I could view the Sagami bay.

And nearby the Atami Castle, I found "Hiho-kan." It is a museum featuring erotic arts.

I also went to Hatsushima island. It was a small island. This shrine is "Ryujin-gu," located at the side of a main street in Hatsushima.

There was a rose garden nearby the hotel I stayed. Many flowers bloomed there.

Atami is rather a traditional spot for travelers. There are few exciting places. Young people tend not to visit there. But hot spring is good. I enjoyed staying.

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