Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Do not believe yourself

Every self-developing method shares an ideology. Say, "Believe yourself!"

It is a strong idea to trust your potential. Even if everything is terrible around you, the belief that you are OK will rescue you. You may have a power to change everything.

However, I do not this idea at all, to be honest. In other words, I do not believe myself.

My memory is quite fragile. My abilities are so limited that I have made several failures. And I was supported by many people around me.

Being confident is useful in some context, I admit. But, it brings you recklessness. Also, there are many people who hardly can themselves. Being confident is only a remedy effective in limited opportunities.

So, I do not believe myself. Instead, I believe everything is going well, by other powers.

Being opportunistic is a golden rule for better life. It has been proven that almost 90% of your worries would not be realized. Thus, being anxious is no more beneficial for your daily life. Rather, you can believe someone who is talented and skilled for the better future than you. It is not shameful at all to rely on others

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