Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Macron wins the presidential vote

On May 7th, 2017, Emmanuel Macron won the presidential vote in France. He will be the youngest leader of France ever before.

He defeated Marine Le Pen at the final vote of the presidential election. The acquisition rate was 66.1% vs. 33.9% at the final.

Express: French election results LIVE: Updates, latest news as Macron WINS, defeating Marine Le Pen

European leaders, especially in the EU, welcomed Macron's victory. They seemed very released to see that French selected Macron whose ideology is the EU-friendly. Le Pen modified her stance to the EU, not emphasizing her desire to say goodbye to the EU, in the latest part of the presidential campaign, but she failed to gather the vote of liberal people.

Financial Times: Emmanuel Macron sets sights on economic and eurozone reforms

However, Macron is not a politician with traditional policy, either. He has to reform the economic status of France, as well as Eurozone itself. Fiscal consolidation will be required for France in advance to intervene the Eurozone. Macron faces tough challenges.

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