Monday, May 8, 2017

Physical activity saves your life from myocardial event

Regular exercise is well known to protect your health. It prevents you from metabolic syndrome, alleviates the declination of your energy following aging. And also, exercise will reduce fatality of a fatal event in your heart, according to a recent study.

Hindustan Times: Want to survive a heart attack? Then, exercise as often as you can

In this study above, thousands of people were followed during some decades. The cardiac events and whether they are fatal or not were recorded. As a result, people who take regular exercise were more likely to survive myocardial infarction, which generally will be an instant kill for one-fourth of the patients. In addition, the more the participants took exercise, the less they were taken their life by the myocardial infarction.

This study is a prospective cohort study with a large sample size. Although I have not read the original article, its internal validity seems high. Since it is difficult to conduct an interventional study of this kind of theme, we have to make much account of this result.

Of course, excessive exercise is rather harmful to your health. You should adhere to your own physical state in coordinating an exercise program.

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