Sunday, May 14, 2017

Rakuten Asset Building Festival 2017

Yesterday, I attended a seminar produced by Rakuten Securities. Its name is "Rakuten Asset Building Festival 2017."

Rakuten is a famous company which was originally developed as e-commerce. Now Rakuten is a gigantic company so that it is often compared with Amazon in Japan. In recent years, Rakuten began some other businesses such as Rakuten Securities and Rakuten Golden Eagles as a professional baseball team.

There were over a thousand people listening to the seminar. The theme was personal asset building.

In Japan, many people do not trust the scheme of the public pension. Aging is so serious in Japan that people over 65 are over a third of the population. It means that young generation needs to support many elders. It is hardly believable the public pension for elders will be sustainable in the future.

In the seminar, a couple of guests were invited to the talking session.  They were Kintaro and Amemiya; both are famous comedians.

Some Japanese comedians earn a large amount of money if they become popular. Most of them know that their reputation will not last forever. But they are not familiar with managing their estate. Indeed, some of them experience bankrupt with deceived by someone.

I learned some important issues yesterday. Asset building is not a complicated matter. But some people misunderstand it. I will reconsider the portfolio of my resources.

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