Friday, May 12, 2017

Trip to Izumo and Tottori

Recently, I visited Shimane and Tottori prefecture, an western region in Japan.

Izumo is called as a land of Gods. In ancient Japan, it is said that all Gods of Japan are gathered to Izumo in October. October is also called "Kannna-zuki" [a month without gods] in a traditional term in Japan, except Izumo area. In contrast, Izumo people call October as Kami-ari-zuki [a month with gods].

Izumo Oyashiro is a famous shrine. It was very big and so solemn that I could not take a photo there.

And there are some famous Japanese traditional parks. They were also beautiful.

This is Yushien.

A large numbers of peonies were planted there.

This is Adachi Museum of Art. It equips a gigantic Japanese park.

I also visited Tottori sand dunes. There are no deserts in Japan. Therefore, I enjoyed this place as I entered a dune for the first time.

I completely enjoyed this journey.

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