Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Court admits mobile phone makes you cancer

In an Italian court, the relationship between use of mobile phone and the brain tumor was certified for the first time.

A person who had been engaged in business always using a mobile phone for a long time had an acoustic nerve tumor. He got saved his life because the tumor was benign, but he lost his auditory sense. The man claimed that his disease was a workplace accident.

After all, the court decided that his brain tumor was caused by an excessive use of mobile phone. The man will receive the compensation from the national insurance. Italian court rules mobile phone caused tumour

Some researchers are concerned about the causal relationship between the electric wave and neoplasm. It is highly likely that strong electricity is harmful to the human body. But the intensity of its influence is still under discussion. The general use of mobile phone may not be a risk. However, the longitudinal influence of using electric devices is still unclear because only a few decades have passed since they were developed.

I think the court decision was rather progressive. It may be unscientific, but the court often has to prioritize the benefit of issued persons than the scientific fact.

In recent years, laborers' right is more accounted than ever before. Shift-time work was also admitted as a cause of cancer. It is important to reconsider the balance between the work and health in the era in which the meaning of work is gradually changing.

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