Saturday, May 6, 2017

Smell diagnosis, is it no more fantasy?

The Recent development of the AI is splendid in several regions. Especially in medicine, a newly developed technology using an AI will have a great impact on the treatment strategy.

Recently, some researchers are willing to establish the machine which can smell the patient's body to detect some particular diseases.

The utilization of smell for a medical diagnosis is not a new approach. In ancient Greek and Chinese medical practitioners were said to be able to smell some kind of illnesses.

The New York Times: One Day, a Machine Will Smell Whether You’re Sick

In spite of limited evidence, some doctors claim that they can identify the fatality of each patient with their smell, naming as "death-smell." I do not support their claims, but I think it is possible to establish the method to distinguish some physical status of the human using the analysis of the smell if supported by delicate sensors.

In this April Fool, I wrote a joke article in which a face cognition program can diagnose the patient's mental status. It is no other than a fantasy at present. On the other hand, most psychiatrists make use of the facial expression of the patient for a precise diagnosis. In the future, how to evaluate the patient's face may be established.

My past entry: Face cognition program can sense Praecox-gehuehl

The interpretation of the primitive sense of others such as smell and facial emotion has been a human ability which is hardly structurally explained. Nowadays, big data and the AI is changing the rule of the game. Some day, even our intuition can be visualized, perhaps.

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