Sunday, April 2, 2017

TV talk show regarding AI in Tokyo

Recently, I attended a conference where a TV talk show was recorded. In this session, the usability of AI was discussed by some specialists. Panelists were a professor of applied science, a biologist, and a founder of a start-up company.

The facilitator asked some questions to the audience. Some of the attendees seemed fearful about the rise of AI. They were concerned about the risk AI would get rid of their jobs. One of the audience was a translator. Indeed, an auto-translating machine was introduced. It could speak what it heard in English translated into Japanese instantly even when it was off-line.

However, one of the commentators suggested that we need not worry about AI threatening our job as far as we are proud of it. Actually, after Alpha Go defeated the world champion, professional Go players became enthusiastic considering AI programs would make an innovation in the Go world, according to the commentator. In contrast, if you believe your work is silly and easy to be mastered, AI will overwhelm the performance of human soon.

Approximately 75% of the audience believed AI would enrich the world. But, one commentator was worrying about the possibility of people with malice to utilize AI for improper purposes. After all, the human is more dangerous than AI, according to him.

The conference was very exciting. The facilitator was good at managing the discussion, and all panelists were smart to describe the future with AI. It was fascinating time of two hours for me.

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