Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Kyushu trip

Last weekend, I visited Kumamoto, the center of Kyushu.

During the trip, I went to Takachiho, located in Miyazaki prefecture. It is called the place of the god. Indeed, Takachiho shrine was quite solemn.

Amano-Iwado shrine deifies Amaterasu Omikami, a Japanese ancient goddess. One day, she hided herself in the cave because of her brother's rude behavior. As she was the symbol of the sun, Japan encountered a total eclipse. Other gods made a conference for the way to bring her on the ground again. The place where the conference was conducted is Amano-yasugawara.

The next day, I visited a couple of farms. Sheep and goats were kept with free range. Goats were eager to eat.

And young one expected me to feed it, following me for a while.

The water was extremely clean in Kyushu. This is Shirakawa Spring Source.

I also went to Kokonoe-Yume-Otsuribashi. It is the largest suspension bridge in Japan.

Kyushu has several attractive places. Some day I will visit there again.

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