Friday, April 7, 2017


Aging is our fate. Our physical ability is declining through aging. As well, the cognitive function becomes inferior. It is said a fourth of people in the age of eighty has dementia.

However, you may know some people who are still energetic in spite of their age. What is the difference between elder people in the cognitive function?

A recent study suggests there are some super-agers. They reduce less brain volume than others at the same age, according to the study.

Hindustan Times: Age-related cognitive decline is not inevitable: Study

Unfortunately, this study has some limitations to prove the hypothesis that the brain cells of some people have specific attributes. They might have a larger brain inherently.

Furthermore, how to protect your brain from shrinking is still yet to be discovered. If super-agers are genetically determined, it is disappointing. Physicians recommend you to take an exercise and balanced meal. It is because their positive effect on your health has been proven, even if not guaranteeing to keep your brain young.

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