Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Modern rules with electric devices

More than a decade has passed since the internet technology became familiar with our usual life. Our lifestyle was considerably changed due to the development of latest devices, such as the smartphone, tablet, and other gears.

As the use of gadgets is a newborn culture, there are some conflicts and arguments about the manner of using them. Here, five ways which are rather common in citizens but should be reconsidered are introduced.

International Business Times: Emails in bed? Tablet selfies at a concert? Five tech habits you need to kick

The first one, the use of electric devices before going bed, is absolutely harmful, I believe. Several studies suggest that exposure to strong light hinders you from the good sleep. You should avoid watching a display, at least one hour, or two hours, if possible before you wish to sleep. I always mention it when consulting a patient with sleep disturbance.

As well manipulating a smartphone in bed is also no good. The human brain will learn that the bed is not a place for sleep but watching a device. This mislearning brings you insomnia.

Checking emails at home is worth of discussion. In general, employees should not work during off-time, from the perspective of mental health. Through distinguishing the work from your daily activity, your sympathetic nerves can be relaxed at the end of work. The continuous tension of sympathetic nerves can be a cause of cardiac diseases.

However, some people with self-employment job are difficult to ignore business emails at home. As well, employers often have to address various problems suddenly occurred even during their off-time.

The other issues suggested in this article above are rational. Selfie with a tablet is sometimes dangerous for other commuters. Free Wi-Fi spots are possible to be peeped or compromised. And it is no doubt that loud music in a public space is no other than a criminal act.

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