Monday, April 3, 2017

Russia might hire 1000 hackers for the victory of Trump, so what?

Some US politicians claim that Russia had been involved in the victory of Donald Trump in the latest Presidential vote.

According to Senator Mark Warner, Vladimir Putin directed to interfere the election with broadcasting fake news about Clinton, the competitor of Trump, in some states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, where Trump had won. It was suspected Russia hired a total of 1000 hackers.

International Business Times: Russia 'hired army of 1,000 web trolls to make up fake news about Hillary Clinton in swing states'

I have heard this kind of suspicion. And Russia's intervening to the Presidential vote seems somehow true. It is quite natural that Putin would prefer Trump as the next President because Trump made some favorable comments about Russia. Thus, this idea is no more a conspiracy theory.

Nonetheless, I do not believe this fact deemed of value. First, the magnitude of influence of fake news on the Presidential vote is limited. If Russia had not been involved in this issue, it is doubtful that Clinton would have won.

My past entry: The influence of fake news on the Presidential vote is limited: A study suggests

Second, Trump would also suffer from some fake news, even if it was less than Clinton.

And third, political interaction is a quite ordinary event when a decisive vote is conducted. The US itself has repeatedly intervened the elections in other countries. Voters are absolutely responsible for the result of the vote, regardless of the movement o other nations.

Finally, if Russia's jamming is unfavorable to the US, the US government should have treated it. Obama administration was on the side of Clinton undoubtedly. If the government had failed to shut out Russia's influence, it would be the proof of the incompetence of the administration, unfortunately.

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