Saturday, April 8, 2017

Seat-free carriage will come in the UK

In the UK, seat-free carriages are planned to be introduced.

They remind elder people of a third-class carriage having been abolished since 1956. But ministers are merely considering how to deal with crowded trains with low cost. Passengers will be provided a ticket of "buy nine, get one."

iNEWS: Third class standing-only train carriages reintroduced to ease overcrowding

Oh, it is just a joke. The article above was written in this April Fool. You need not afraid seats would be banned from London Tube.

But, this idea is unique and even ironic. Recently, Londoners are suffering from a serious traffic jam. Buses are frequently delayed. We often fail to get the seat on the train. In a peak time, we have to wait for the next Tube to enter because of an excessive amount of commuters.

To be honest, seatless carriages has been already introduced in Japan since several years ago. The seats in a particular carriage can be folded. And in the peak time, passengers are not allowed to take a seat. Some carriages in central Tokyo in the morning are extremely crowded. Thus, the developers are quite serious to ban the seats to help customers.

Actually, I thought the seats in London Tube were so big that it was sometimes difficult to keep the space I stood. Reconstructing the carriages may be a good idea for comfortable commuting.

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