Thursday, April 13, 2017

Taiwan bans dog and cat meat

The Taiwan government has illegalized selling dog and cat meat.

Independent: Taiwan becomes first Asian state to ban dog and cat meat being sold or consumed

Animal protection laws were amended in Taiwan. It will result in banning of consuming dog and cat meat. So far, some local legislation has been prohibiting dog and cat meat for sale. But it is for the first time to set a national rule in Asian countries.

In Taiwan, some cases of animal torture ignited the outrage of citizens. The new legislation also regulates acts which potentially expose animals to danger.

Actually, few Asians eat dog and cat except in some regions. In Japan, I have never seen someone selling dog or cat meat. As well I am not sure if such sale is prohibited in Japan.

On the other hand, some regions in China and South Korea remain a trend of dog meat consuming. This Taiwanese law would be interpreted as a message for criticizing China.

My past entry: Discussion about eating dog meat in China

I will never eat dog or cat meat. In my opinion, however, it need not be regulated by an authority. Japanese eat whale meat. Some I do not understand why some European criticize this trend. Every culture should be respected unless it is apparently harmful to others.

Indeed, dogs and cats are pretty. But it does not suggest ugly animals are worth to be killed.

Protecting animals from abuse is important, as we are human with the humane will. Diet culture should be distinguished from the context of philanthropy. We have to kill animals or plants for survival.

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