Thursday, April 6, 2017

Couple having dominated a woman as sex slave jailed

Recently, a couple living in Northern Ireland was sentenced to imprisonment for the crime of keeping a woman in their house and raping her several times.

The victim had a learning disability and was kidnapped from her home in 2004. Her husband reported her missing to the police, but her footprint could not be traced. Indeed, the couple deceived her to invite their house. And they locked her in a tiny room, and encouraged the man's friends to raped her. The victim was fed with sweets only so that her teeth but one were rotten.

The man had several histories of sex crimes. The man was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, and the woman took three years.

Mail Online: Husband and wife who kept a disabled woman as a sex slave and filmed dozens of men raping her in a squalid den before paying her with Quality Street chocolates are jailed 

It is a horrible story. Regardless of the victim's disability, slavery is never acceptable.

I have to be cautious with evaluating the perpetrator's mental status based on the media report. But it is certain that the man has psychopathic tendency and paraphilia. Such a person tend to offend several times, partially due to lack of empathy and diminished learning from punishment. Thus, after released from prison, I am afraid he would target another woman again.

In my sense, 15 years of imprisonment is not enough for the penalty of ruining a woman's life and dignity. On the other hand, long sentence is not proven to be effective in preventing reoffending. There is no resolution established for psychopaths to reduce the risk of recidivism.

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