Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Suicidal bombing at St Petersburg subway

On Monday, April 3, 2017, an explosion occurred at the subway station of Petersburg in Russia.

CNN: St. Petersburg metro explosion: At least 10 dead in Russia blast

It is suggested that a homemade explosive object with TNT was placed on a carriage. According to the latest report, at least eleven people were killed and more than a dozen was injured.

The authority deemed the incident as a terror attack caused by a suicidal bomber who was close to an international terrorist organization. The station and the airport in the city became closed.

The Telegraph: Everything we know about the explosion in St Petersburg

Russia itself has frequently been targeted to a terror attack. At present, who is responsible for the attack has to be clarified. But an Islamic group is suspected to have been involved in the act, according to the local media. Anyway, we have to wait for a claim of responsibility.

The New York Times: Explosion in St. Petersburg, Russia, Kills 11 as Vladimir Putin Visits

The terrorism is widely spreading over the world. It is a common shape of asymmetric war. The government should protect the present administration and citizens' lives, whereas terrorists only have to damage it. Different from an international conflict, terror organization need not consider what to do after the attack succeeds. Unfortunately, an effective solution to win the asymmetric battle is yet to be established.

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