Tuesday, April 25, 2017

French Presidential vote first round

Yesterday, the first round of Presidential election of France was carried out. The atmosphere was so tense that armed guards stood in front of some polling spaces.

The result was not so far from that prospected. For candidates performed a close battle. Emmanuel Macron, gaining 24% of the vote, as well as Marine Le Pen who got 22%, will proceed to the final vote. Fillon and Mélenchon have dropped out from the competition.

The Conversation: Macron and Le Pen to face off for French presidency – but she won’t be pleased with first round result

This outcome is relieving for many people, especially investors who want the stability of the EU. Among four candidates, Le Pen and Mélenchon are against the EU. If these two candidates had been advantageous, the collapse of the EU would not have been avoidable.

Mélenchon has a far-left ideology. And Fillon is willing to support Macron. It suggests that voters who supported each candidate are expected to vote for Macron at the final. It is highly likely that Macron will get the victory. Having not defeated Macron was disappointing for Le Pen.

However, there is still uncertainty about the result. The previous year, few people predicted Brexit or Donald Trump's triumph. Not a few people with a conservative ideology will vote for Le Pen.

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