Sunday, March 12, 2017

Time is unequal among persons and era

Many people believe that the time is equal to everyone. Indeed, there are several inequalities among persons. Money, abilities, appearance and every other element we have are various with each other. But your one minute is equal to my one minute.

However, I oppose to this idea. Even time is unequal.

For example, some people die in their young age because of a hereditary disease. If your life expectancy is only twenty years, is your one year equal to one in someone expected to survive eighty years? Of course, not.

And, productivity is also an issue. Talented people can make the performance as twice or three times as other ordinary workers at the same time of duty. In such meaning, their working time is as twice as valuable.

Furthermore, I think modern people's time is more valuable than that in the ancient era. A few years ago, I visited Taiwan. I saw some treasures of the kings in the ancient kingdom there. One of them was a bowl whose surface was delicately decorated. The guide told me that it was created by a famous craftsman, and his son, and his grandson. Thus, that bowl was completed through the effort of the family of artisans for 100 years.

When I knew this story, I felt a little embarrassed. I was always wondering about something interesting. And I was seeking for money and reputation through achieving my work. But, that craftsman who began to create the bowl knew that he would not get the reward for creating it. Nonetheless, he did not save his effort. He devoted all of his life to make only a bowl which cannot be completed in his life. Thus, hits lifetime was less valuable than a bowl.

Nowadays, nobody is willing to do the same thing. It is unclear that the bowl will be valuable as same as we expect now. Betting all the life to an uncertain outcome is ridiculous.

Our time is more valuable than that in the ancient era. As the same time, we have to change everything around us to survive tomorrow.

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