Thursday, March 30, 2017

The UK has committed the article 50 for Brexit

Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the UK officially signed the letter for Brexit.

According to the article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, nations to leave the EU have to inform it two years before the day of the departure. In other words, the EU legislation will be no more applicable to the UK after March 2019.

The BBC: Article 50: UK set to formally trigger Brexit process

Many Britains who do not want the UK to leave the EU had attempted to stop Brexit. Some demanded even the retry of Brexit vote. But their desire resulted in vain.

Since seating the Prime Minister, May has had the role in carrying out Brexit. It was almost impossible to avoid Brexit after the referendum.

In addition, the referendum conducted in last June figured out the split opinions in the UK. Londoners and Scotches are willing to get along with the EU, whereas the majority of rural people are no more dreaming the integration of Europe.

There are several points of view on this issue. But in my opinion, researchers and people working in the region of academia are totally suffering from this decision. Some EU research funds are going to exclude British from the candidates of the receiver. It will become difficult for foreign researchers to remain in the UK after Brexit. I have received some email from King's College London to notify the influence of the decision. It seems workers in KCL are also confusing.

Again, I do not welcome Brexit. At the same time, I do not hope the UK to decline. It would be good if the UK and the EU will construct a mutually productive relationship in the future.

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