Friday, March 24, 2017

London Parliament attacked

London was attacked by a terrorist.

It occurred in front of the Parliament building in Westminster. A vehicle rushed into pedestrians, to hit many. And then, a person with a knife got out of the car to run into the parliament. After killing a police officer, he was shot to death by the police.

A total of five people were killed and over 40 were injured. It is a terrible incident in London since a deadly attack occurred in 2005.

Aljazeera: Westminster attack: Five killed outside UK parliament

Before the background of the perpetrator was clarified, Theresa May mentioned that it was not by chance that outside of the Parliament was chosen as the place of this tragedy. Thus, it was estimated that the criminal had some extreme ideology.

At first, I did not think it was an organizational assault. If so, explosive objects would have been used to maximize the victims. I wondered the police had identified the suspect before the incident.

However, ISIS claimed that the culprit was a soldier.

RT: ISIS claims its ‘soldier’ carried out UK Parliament attack

Even if ISIS' commitment is correct, the offender might not be a professional terrorist, but a person who had inclined to the ideology of Islamic extremists.

ISIS is disguising to represent the voice of pious Muslims who are discriminated in European countries. It is the reason nonoccupational terrorists emerge in several countries repeatedly.

By the way, almost a half of the cases aiming at an important person is conducted by a person with mental disorders, according to a study. Extreme thoughts are often hardly distinguishable from delusion.

The absolute truth is that we should never accept any violence. I pray for the victims.

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