Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Karalla, an excellent frying machine

Recently, I bought Karalla, a cooking machine.

Karalla is sold by Shop Japan, a famous e-commerce company. It can fry several kinds of food without oil.
As you need not boil oil in the pan, you can save excessive oil while cooking fried chicken, fried potatoes, or cutlet. The products include fewer calories than those deeply fried with oil.

I cooked fried potatoes using Karalla. To be honest, it was for the first time for me to cook fried something.

Potatoes were delicious but had less rich flavor than those eaten at McDonald's. It is quite natural that fast foods provide us instant satisfaction. Of course, I believe my fried potatoes are healthier than McDonald's.

There are several similar fryers available. As reading some entries comparing them in Japanese, Karalla is more popular in Japan than other fryers. Japanese companies are enthusiastic to adapt machines to Japanese customers' favor.

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In recent years, cooking machines made significant progress so that we can cook various menus with little stress. It is very welcomed.

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