Saturday, March 11, 2017

President Park Geun-hye dismissed

The South Korean constitutional court upheld the vote of impeachment against President Park Guen-hye. It means that she was officially exiled from the seat of the President.

The Guardian: Park Geun-hye: South Korean court removes president over scandal

The majority of Korean citizens supports this decision of the court. It seems Park attracted hatred of citizens too much.

In addition, Park is possible to be prosecuted for the corruption scandal, because she lost the status of the President.

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My past entry: Impeachment vote against Korean President 

In the next 60 days, an election for the new leader will be held. Some candidates already have appeared officially or potentially. Among them, Moon Jae-in of Democratic United Party is expected to be victorious. But, if he becomes the President, the relationship between South Korea and the US will get worse because of his diplomatic ideology. It suggests the circumstance of the Korean peninsula will be more vulnerable.

Park is the first person who was dismissed in her Presidential term. In recent years in Japan, a total of six Prime Ministers resigned within each one year for some reasons before Shinzo Abe won the seat. A short-term administration brings fragility to policy making. Park survived less than four years on her throne. I am afraid that Korea loses its stability as a nation. It will be connected to the risk for the peace in the far-east region.

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