Sunday, March 19, 2017

Norway will ban gasoline vehicles

Norway declared that the majority of new cars newly sold there is electric or hybrid.

Norway has been committing to the sustainability of the global environment. It is planning to completely ban the sale of gasoline and diesel cars in 2025. Also, it accomplished zero deforestation for the first time in the world.

Independent: Half of all new cars in Norway are now electric or hybrid

Norway's challenge is respectful because exhaust gas of vehicles has a great impact on the environment. On the other hand, electrical cars require large electric power. There are several hydraulic power plants in Norway. In addition, it can borrow electricity from neighbor countries in time of drought. Thus, it owes geographical advantage for proceeding it progressive policy.

In contrast, Japan has no resources to gain electricity. It is surrounded by the oceans so that no other countries can supply the power. As well Japan has several water power plants, but their percentage of contribution to the power supply is limited. It is why Japan can hardly be independent of atomic power plants. After the 3.11 Tsunami disaster and the accident of Fukushima atomic power plant, fire power plants became dominant in Japan. Obviously, it brought Japan polluted atmosphere.

After all, an environment-friendly policy is not easy to build. A balanced idea in which several elements are considered is essential for sustainable decision making.

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