Friday, March 10, 2017

The murder case of Kim Jong-nam

Kim Jong-nam, a half-brother of Kim Jong-un, was assassinated in Malaysia. This incident occurred at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Security cameras shot the critical scene in which a couple of persons approached him to inject VX nerve agent.

It was a surprising but also an expected incident. Kim Jong-nam had been criticizing Kim Jong-un with calling him a dictator. Kim Jong-nam was hated by Kim Jong-un, to be named as the top of the target lists for assassination.

And, his will seems to be inherited by his son, Kim Han-sol. He appeared on the internet to report he is alive. He spoke the fact his father was killed in fluent English.

BBC: Kim Han-sol: The open-minded son of Kim Jong-nam

Kim Han-sol was going to enter Oxford University. But authorities in China warned him not to visit the UK for the risk of assassination. Now he is possible to be supported by an organization in Netherlands.

North Korea and Malaysia is now in tension because of the conflict upon the murdered case. North Korea was just provocative Japan, South Korea, and the US by shooting ballistic missiles recently. The safety of Korean peninsula became quite fragile more than ever seen.

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