Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Korean President and Samsung in scandal

South Korean society is now in confusion.

South Korea's special prosecutors' office seems to confront President Park Geun Hye. A spokesman for the office told that she was identified as a criminal suspect. It is for the first time that the serving President is prosecuted. In real, she cannot be charged as the Constitution does not allow this. On the other hand, the Parliament has impeached Park last December. It is possible that the Constitutional Court will deliver a verdict to force her to resign.

Nikkei Asian Review: South Korean prosecutors identify impeached Park as criminal suspect

Meanwhile, Samsung group, one the most famous companies in Korea is in peril of perishing. Korean prosecutors will charge Jay Y. Lee and some other executives with bribery and embezzlement. Following the scandal, Samsung' corporate strategy office, a key nerve center of Samsung, was to be dismantled. Each branch of Samsung conglomerate will become independent to launch its own business plan.

Reuters: Samsung Group dismantles nerve center as chief faces bribery charge amid scandal

I have yet not understood its meaning precisely. But it is certain Samsung group will no more take an initiative in the Korean and global market as it is.

It is not so rare that a politician misuses her political power. And it is also common a huge company is inappropriately connected to policy makers. In this meaning, similar scandals will occur in Japan and other countries. Indeed, Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan, is now suspected to be concerned about a deal with a private school which bought a land from the government at an unusually low price.

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