Thursday, August 11, 2016

Half of US food is abandoned

In the US, a half of whole food is abandoned before consumed, according to the latest research. Multiple interviews for food suppliers as well as official data were utilized in this research.

I had heard that a third of food was dropped in the world. But, in addition to this wasted food, many vegetables and fruits are left in the field without harvested. In addition, products with minor blemishes are kept in a warehouse, to be rotten.

The Guardian: Half of all US food produce is thrown away, new research suggests

Previously, there has been a big issue about transportation of food, and it is one of the main causes why some people in the world are eager to lose their body weight while others are suffering from fatal starvation. However, considering the facts described in the article above, to be adjusted is not limited to the matter of distribution but also perfectionism. Cosmetic damage is the main cause of rejection by the market.

This report was issued in the US. In general, Japanese consumers are more eager to gain products with good proportion. I think retailers in Japan set a stricter standard for food in shape. Freshness and safety are matters of importance for foods. But sticking to high cosmetic standard results in an excessive waste of food and burdening farmers.

Recently, stores dealing with flawed foods were opened in some countries. This attempt has effects not only on saving food but also let people being aware of the reality of wasting foods.

My past entry: Market for old and ugly foods in Denmark

Food expiration is considered as one of the biggest problems in this century. However, if we were a little more tolerant to the shape of vegetables, this issue would be automatically solved.

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