Friday, August 5, 2016

When people inclined to cults

Recently, we hear the news of terror attacks very frequently. The members of ISIS conduct some of them. Other extremists are also eager to take a chance of showing their power. Despite the cold war ended, we still seem to face a dangerous world.

Western countries were surprised to know that not a few domestic people having joined to ISIS. They are keen to prevent citizens from being influenced by radical and destructive ideology. In King’s College London, I saw many flyers describing the caution about the invitation from cults and terror groups. Also in Japan, authorities strictly prohibit cults from inviting students without disclosing their name and purpose. These facts suggest that many young people are easily inclined to extraordinary ideologies.

In this article below, several factors which are keys of recruitment for cults were pointed out. People experiencing alienation, drug abuse, loneliness, sadness, rejection, search for alternative parental authority, identity crises, a higher need for order, and trauma are likely to listen to the cult speech. Recruiters must recognize such factors and utilize them for successful recruitment.

The Conversation: What kind of person joins a cult or joins a terror group?

I agree with the view of the author. People who experienced a loss of things they had relied on are very vulnerable to external stimuli. Drug and alcohol dependence is likely to be started after devotion or social exclusion.

However, it is a problem that people hardly recognize that they are at risk state. In deep sadness or dissatisfaction, most people would like to change their situation as soon as possible. The irritation makes them difficult to examine the malicious invitation they encounter. Recruiters also inflict their agitation to get rid of their ability of neutral assessment.

The author emphasizes that the core concept of every cults and terror is “all-encompassing ideology.” It means that an absolute entity exists in their idea. Like the God, an ultimate leader, or an idea such as the real world is completely rotten, they present a simple and easy-to-understand ideology. The human brain has an ability to save energy. The more tired we are, the more we tend to simplify the current situation. This character had been crucial in the ancient era for human to get food and avoid risks. But in the modern age, both rewards and risks are often hidden and connected with each other.

Therefore, being aware of the current complicated situation is quite important not to be involved in cults. As well, accepting diversity in our society will be a resistance against extreme ideologies. Not only for young people but also elders, it is essential to face many ideas they hardly accept and taste them as they are.

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