Sunday, August 14, 2016

Visiting Los Angeles for academic conference

This week, I visited Los Angeles in the US for attending an academic conference.

The theme of this conference was medical law and ethics. It included the vast variety of regions. Speakers talked about several things such as informed consent, clinical trials, artificial abortion, chronic brain injury, and eponymous recognition of war crimes. Some lawyers, as well as medical doctors, made an atractive presentation.

Some Japanese researchers also appeared in the conference, to present newly judgment of Supreme Court of Japan regarding the liability of family members of an incompetent patient.

Los Angeles is one of the representative cities in the US. I had visited Chicago and New York. But LA was far different from other cities in its atmosphere. LA is similar rather to Hawaii, I think. The sun was brightly shining, but as it was not so moist that I enjoyed the hot noon. Citizens looked friendly. One passenger commended for my tie.

I also met my friends living in LA. They are engaged in psychiatric research. They said LA is comfortable to live, but the price is high. We discussed several things from our current research to the comparison between the American and Japanese culture. The conversation was very impressive for me.

LA is a big city. I used the metro bus for moving in the city. Transportation cost was not high.

I ate Kampachi grill in a restaurant. It tasted good, but a little salty.

It was for the first time for me to enjoy the Western Coast of the US. I hope to visit there again.

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