Friday, August 19, 2016

How generation conflict is generated

Conflict among generation seems a global trend.

In the UK, a couple of cinemas describing middle-aged people struggling toward the best were launched, to be popular recently. But, the intergenerational relationship is not good in the UK. It is well known that most young people voted for remain in the EU, while elder people desired to choose Brexit.

The Guardian: Young people are wrongly targeting their anger against the older generation

The author of this article is against the idea that young generation is exploited by the elderly. I agree with it. It is not a simple issue.

Chikirin, a famous Japanese blogger, commented that: many older people have much estate than younger ones. Some young people are jealous about it. Nonetheless, nobody would desire to get old immediately even for gaining enough estates. It is a suggestive anecdote.

Each generation has experienced their own life. Many old English people respect Margaret Thatcher, and they believe the Great Britain can stand alone again. This idea is understandable, even unfeasible. Thatcher restored the UK economy and wanted to introduce poll tax as being English is a privilege.

Japan is a super-aged society. I am 41 years old, but still, belong to younger half of the population. Elder Japanese have experienced the great resuscitation from the agony of the WWII. Japan was reborn from a burnt field to the nation with the world second largest economy. They believe they have accomplished this dramatic reform by themselves. After all, elder people in Japan have much higher self-esteem than younger people. On the other hand, younger people feel such attitude of elder people as arrogant.

My past entry: Troublesome elders

There are other factors to form generation gap. Previously, people unhealthily born could hardly survive. Thus, elder people alive are superior on their physical ability to younger ones potentially. In addition, we are not free from recall bias. We remember our past challenges in detail. Therefore, we tend to speak as if we have overcome more many troubles in youth than those in real.

Therefore, conflict among generation is unavoidable. But it is not wise for us to be indulged in the idea we are discriminated. The only thing to consider is the way for the better future regardless of generations.

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