Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Erroneous and troublesome Microsoft Office Update

Previously, I had a tough time because of Microsoft Windows Update. It occurred when I was connecting my laptop PC to the internet using tethering of my smartphone. All at sudden, Windows began to download files with mega volume reaching some gigabytes for updating itself. Hense, the amount of data transaction exceeded a monthly limit within some minutes. I was forced to abandon data connection services with my smartphone until the end of that month.

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Actually, it was one of the reasons I replaced my main laptop PC to MacBook.

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And today, I was struck by another tragedy.

It was 30th August. As a contract with the mobile service provider, approximately 1 GB had remained I could use for data transfer in this month. Therefore, I started to connect my MacBook with tethering.

As soon as connecting the internet, MS Office asked me to update its programs.

I had a bad feeling about this, to be honest, but I gave the permission. And the nightmare became real.

Just some minutes after, the volume of data transfer jumped into the red zone. I had to stop data transaction immediately.

I do not know why MS Office update requires so much data transfer. Or, is there any running programs accountable for this phenomenon?

Anyway, I was betrayed by Microsoft again. I am willing to seek a solution for preventing such sudden and massive transfer.

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