Saturday, August 13, 2016

Mental state of Trump and Clinton mentioned

The US president election campaign came to the climax. Usually, in the election, each nominee attacks in the speech the opponent with very severe tone. Voters judge through arguing which is more reliable and deserve to give the seat of the leader of the US.

Donald Trump, the GOP presidential nominee, questioned the mental health of Hillary Clinton, his opponent in the Democratic Party, repeatedly. He claims that Clinton is unstable and incompetent, and she would destroy America if she wins. Trump also mocked Clinton as she had achieved nothing during her long carrier as a politician.

The Washington Post: Trump, in series of scathing personal attacks, questions Clinton’s mental health

Blaming one’s personality is the last thing for a gentleman to do. I have sometimes heard the nominees railing at the opponent in the US presidential election. Thus, Trump is not an only person to behave impolitely. But, the matter to be judged for the nominees is the vision as a politician. I wonder Trump has anything else to mention Clinton’s flaw and his superiority as the leader.

On the other hand, some people are afraid of Trump’s psychopathology. Karen Bass, a Democratic congresswoman, said it is suspected that Trump has Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Her statement is supported by not a few people.

Independent: Tens of thousands of people want Trump examined for narcissism

However, American Psychiatric Association made a warning referring the Goldwater rule in which medical practitioners are prohibited from commenting on individuals who they have not examined themselves.

This rule is absolutely rational. The facts in media reports are often exaggerated. Especially in cases the reporter is not familiar with the region issued in the news, the report frequently contains inaccurate and/or misleading elements.

Considering this, I should be deliberate about mentioning the nominees’ mental status. In general, many politicians have a tendency of narcissism. It is not matter. Thus, narcissism itself is neither a pathological symptom nor a subject to treatment. Of course, expanded narcissism would be a risk for dictatorship. It is not limited to Trump, obviously.

I support Clinton. Apart from this, I expect creative debates will be performed by the two nominees.

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