Friday, August 26, 2016

The three way to avoid gloomy Monday morning

You may be moaning on every Monday morning due to massive annoying tasks. You have to look through e-mails sent till the morning, some of which are quite troublesome. You want to keep indulged in leisure you enjoyed on Sunday. Waking up at 7:00 is also challenging. You imagine the agony coming soon, making you depressed on Sunday evening.

Also in Japan, there is a slung, "Sazaesan syndrome." Sazaesan is a famous animation program broadcasted nationwide on Sunday evening. People feel sad while watching Sazaesan because they realize that this weekend is over.

So, how can you overcome this annoying time? Among several ideas, I suggest three solutions which must be useful.

1. Distinguish Saturday and Sunday
Perhaps you spend the weekend with the constant mood. It is an error typically conducted by young businesspersons. Enjoying the holiday is good, but too much excited on whole Sunday would make you tired at the end of the weekend. It is smart to make the difference between Saturday and Sunday. You shall go out and make some pleasures on Saturday. On the contrary, if you go out on Sunday, you should go home at early afternoon. After dinner, you prepare for tomorrow's work, and go to bed as usual as other working days. It recovers your body clock to the normal mode.

2. Kill silly tasks on Sunday as many as possible
If you see some boring tasks on Monday morning, it must reduce your motivation for work. The beginning of the week is the most frequent opportunity for you to encounter new tasks. Some of them are easy to treat, but other are not. You have to deal all of them in the morning. It gets rid of your power. Rather, you may treat some tasks on Sunday evening. Responding e-mail, sending some documents, and making an appointment on the internet are not such complicated tasks. If you achieve them in advance, you can concentrate other more important works on Monday morning. It looks absurd to work on Sunday evening. And the performance of this solution depends on your workstyle. If you belong to the so-called white-collar employee, or you are self-employed, it would be beneficial.

3. Modify the timetable on Monday according to your favor
Finally, whether you can get up in the early morning depends on your body structure. Some people are good at morning work, but others hardly make themselves motivated. If you are the latter type, I recommend you not to adhere to "power breakfast." You can deal with some quite simple tasks on the morning. After the lunch, you face the dominant tasks. Be aware of your own circadian rhythm.

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