Sunday, August 28, 2016

Fukuoka and Saga trip

I visited Fukuoka and Saga last week.

I climbed up the Fukuoka Tower. It was 234m tall, and the third tallest building in Japan.

In the middle of the tower, I saw Shin-Godzilla which was over 100m tall. Wow!

The next day, I visited Nokonoshina which is a small island located in Fukuoka prefecture.

In the island park, I could see a sunflower garden.

Some other beautiful flowers flourished.

As well, there were some goats and rabbits.

In the ship to Nokonoshima, I could see Fukuoka tower and Yafuoku! Dome (a baseball studium belonging to Fukuoka Softbank Hawks) over there.

At night, I stayed at Takeo city. An even was held in the garden nearby the inn. I saw many candles fired in a banboo lantern. It was a fantastic night. But picturing was prohibited in the main stage.

Another day, I saw a couple of big camphorwoods. This is Takeo-no-okusu (the great camphorwood at Takeo). It is considered to be 3,000 year old.

And this is Kawako-no-okusu (the great camphorwood at Kawato). It was as great as Takeo's one.

I enjoyed many events and foods as wekk in Fukuoka and Saga. It was hot, but comfortablly sunny. It was a nice journey.

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