Saturday, July 30, 2016

Visiting Universal Studio Japan for the first time

USJ is a theme park featuring Hollywood movies and other American stars such as Snoopy and Sesame Street. It was developed 15 years ago, located in Osaka.

USJ had been not so popular previously. But in recent years, it created some attractive amusement like Harry Potter's Wizarding World. In addition, some Japanese heroes such as Son-Goku in Dragon Ball, Luffy in One Piece are also subjected to the theme of some attractions. Now, it is quite famous as same as Tokyo Disney Land (TDL).

I enjoyed several rides and shows. Among them, Amazing Spiderman the Ride was supreme. In the attraction, you equip a 3D glasses and ride on a roller coaster. During the attraction, Spiderman appears to fight with the villains. You are nearly killed by fire, lightning, and falling from the top of a building. Spiderman saves you with his extraordinary power.

3D visions are effectively used everywhere in some attractions. In a certain show, a scene in the movie is combined with the real world. I was surprised to see the mixed reality.

Some rides were too fearful for me. And most facilities were crowded. Additional cost will need for smooth entry. I was a little tired, but completely enjoyed the day.

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