Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Quantum random number generator

It is reported that Quantum random number generator has been now available.

ITProPortal: Quantum random number generators explained

Random number generation is one of basic functions for a modern computer. But its quality is not satisfactory. The other day, the number according to the user's request was generated referring to the time stamp. It means that the user could predict the number in advance if he or she understood the mechanism. Even recently, the theory of generating random number has not so much improved. This is because computer programming is essentially based on determinism.

In quantum physics, by contrast, everything is unpredictable. Each quantum is randomly assigned on the wave of probability. And we cannot determine the location of each quantum before identifying it.

Quantum concept is consistent with chaos theory. Chaos theory explains why we cannot predict the weather precisely. Water particles are always randomly moving, sometimes causing a decisive change of weather. This concept is completely against traditional physics in which every movement was considered to be able to be described with some particular formula.

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I am not sure how to utilize quantum random number generator. Nonetheless, I guess it can be innovative in computer technology.

Quantum theory is also considered to improve the quality of crypt communication. Quantum has a characteristic that it will change, or be fixed, just when you recognize it. Applying this amazing property, you can create a cryptography which is never eavesdropped by others. When someone monitors it, the code will have been altered. Wiretapping is theoretically impossible.

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Quantum physics is so complex that I hardly understand it. However, it may be commonly used in our daily life in the near future.

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