Thursday, July 28, 2016

Theresa May as the Prime Minister of the UK

After shocking Brexit vote, David Cameron declared to resign the leader of the conservative party. Who would succeed his position had been issued for a couple of weeks.

It looked like a chaotic situation, from the view of a foreigner. Boris Johnson, the ex-Mayor of London and one of the politicians strongly claimed to vote for Brexit, was expected to be the successor of Cameron. But he committed not to have the intention to get the seat of the Prime Minister. As well, Nigel Farage, the leader of UK Independence Party, abandoned his position, saying that his goal had been achieved. Previously, politicians belonging to Brexit had claimed that the UK would gain much profit if it leaves the EU. But their idea was proven not to be correct. The pound fell immediately after the result of the referendum was determined. Roughly speaking, the Britain lost its domestic value by ten percent due to Brexit decision.

Experss: EU referendum 2016: How has Brexit affected the pound?

After all, Theresa May seated the Prime Minister of the UK. She has been one of the main members of the conservative party. She was on the side of remaining, but partially accepted the Brexit ideology.

As soon as taking the seat, she showed the leadership to reform the cabinet. George Osborne, the ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer and expected to be the successor of Cameron, and other some remarkable persons were expelled from the new cabinet members. Instead, May inducted Boris Johnson to the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. He will be responsible for the negotiation with the EU about the condition of Brexit.

May is the second female Prime Minister in the history of the UK. The first person is Margaret Thatcher. Therefore, some people compare May to Thatcher. However, it seems not meaningful to be focused on the gender of Prime Minister.

The Guardian: Theresa May, Margaret Thatcher: spot the difference – and the sexism

Now, it seems May has several commitments to get along with the current volatile situation. She has promised to carry out Brexit adhering to the referendum, but it will be delayed until the preparative discussion is completed. Angela Merkel, Prime Minister of Germany, said to understand her idea. She has an ideology of austerity as well as other politicians of the conservative party but is not so aggressive as Osborne. She is considered to be a wise and deliberate person. Her proposals seem quite feasible.

I hope she can deal with the tough situation.

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