Friday, July 22, 2016

Rio Olympic endangered by Russian doping issue

Rio Olympic is planned to be held on August 5, 2016. But there are several concerns about the implementation of it. In addition to Zika virus and safety issues in Brazil, prohibited drug use of athletes has been focused.

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Fortunately, Zika infection is no more threatning in Brazil now. Stadiums are nearly to be prepared. But, another issue is currently troublesome.

Just recently, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) rejected Russia’s appeal against the ban of its athletes from Rio Olympic. A total of 68 Russian athletes were rejected. Furthermore, it is possible that all Russian athletes will be prohibited participating Rio Games.

Sydney Morning Herald: Court of Arbitration for Sport rejects Russian appeal against ban of 68 athletes

After World Anti-Doping Agency had revealed that doping had been highly spread in Russian athletes, the decision of banning Russian athletes from Olympic Games was forecasted. However, Russia is one of the nations which have grown up various numbers of athletes. If Russia is entirely excluded from Rio Games, the next Olympic would be quite boring.

In my opinion, the current regulation of doping is too strict for athletes. Several athletes cannot take medical treatment adequately when they get sick due to the fear of being deems as a violator. On the other hand, doping will inflict irreversible damage on athletes’ body and mind in the longitudinal view. Many young athletes are difficult to refuse taking pills recommended by the coach and other authorities. Therefore, proper regulation is required not only for fair competition but also for saving the life of athlete’s.

I hope scientifically valid rules should be adopted on this issue. And I wish Rio Olympic will be successful.

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