Saturday, July 9, 2016

Utilization of drones

Drones are going to become common, gradually but steadily. Amazon has almost utilized drone delivering. And you can get a drone via for less than 100 USD.

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So, what will happen? IS our future fantastic such as at Coruscant, as the capital of Galactic Republic in Star Wars, or dreadful that you will be chased by a killing machine as if in the scene of Oblivion?

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As controlling drone is still underdeveloped technology, there are several ways of utilization of drones. Delivering objects to a distant area is a usage easy to imagine. But, it is doubtful regarding cost-effectiveness except among small isles. Trains and ships are more capable, and may be faster.

Military use is also feasible. Many nations are considering to introduce drones in their army. In the US, autopilot bombers have been working in the battlefield since several years ago. Spying a facility is another activity for drones. They are so small that they can take photos of the target from the very close position. It will enable to send the secretary information of the enemy in detail.

There are more examples described in the article below. Caring elder people is expected for drones as well as walking robots. Sports activities and entertainment will be one of the main fields for the drone to show their best performance. Drones are also good to investigate an area in which no human cannot survive. Finally, some drones will act as a patrol to catch rogue drones.

The Washington Post: Four unexpected ways people are using drones

To be honest, I am afraid that suicidal-bomber drone will be developed soon. You may create one with ease for a low cost. However, I do not believe Islamic extremists will utilize such grenade drone, because they believe who carried out a suicidal attack will be sent to the Promised Land in the afterlife.

On the other hand, drones will be personalized in the near future. You will possess a drone like a car or smartphone. And it will send you missing objects from somewhere as soon as you order. It will take a couple of decades, I guess. I expect the future with drones is peaceful and fruitful.

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