Saturday, July 16, 2016

The way to understand the concept of infinity

Infinity is one of complicated concept in modern mathematics. It has a unique character.

Infinity plus one is equal to infinity. Infinity times infinity is also infinity. These formula are hardly understandable.

How many times should you add one to one to reach infinity? The answer is impossible. You have to know that astronomical number is far different from infinity.

I have one metaphor to explain well the concept of infinity. It is an infinity of life.

Do you want to live eternally? Your answer may be various. I do not want to. If I gain an eternal life, I cannot die. Also, I cannot feel the beauty of life. People make efforts because of limited time. If I have endless time, I would never carry out something. I would think it will be done some day, and the day would never come.

Eternal life means that I cannot die eternally. It is no other than an eternal torture.

Wait? Do I want to die? Never! I do not want to die at all. If I can choose to continue to live or die immediately, I must select the former. When I reach 80 years old, my answer is the same. If I am 100 years old, the same.

So what? Whenever asked, I will never choose to die. But is it different from desiring an eternal life? In my sense, definitely different.

It is the difference between large amount and infinity. We cannot accept the concept of infinity, I guess, because of our mortality.

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