Sunday, July 3, 2016

Kirifuri Highland in Nikko

This weekend, I visited Kirifuri Highland (Misty Highland) in Nikko.

This place is located in Tochigi prefecture. Kirifuri Highland has around 1,000-meter height above the sea level. The ground in it is called Kisuge Daira Park, a representative for Broad dwarf daylily (Nikko kisege).

Broad dwarf daylily is a bright yellow flower. They bloom just at present. I enjoyed many lilies around the ground.

And I climbed a total of 1,445 steps of upstairs to reach the peak of the hill. I was so exhausted.
But, the view from the top was splendid.

Kirifuri Highland is sharing the name with Kirifuri Sammyaku (Misty Mountains) in the Lord of the Rings. In addition, dwarf appears in the name of broad dwarf daylily. So amazing.

Furthermore, there were some falls around there. I enjoyed to see the water splash.

I  also went to an alpaca farm. There were many alpacas there. Most of them had got their fur cut. It was to resist heat, according to the explanation in the farm. Of course, we make use of their fur to make some clothes.

It was a nice weekend journey.

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