Sunday, July 10, 2016

Avast gains AVG, combining two internet security companies

Malware and cracking are still great threats for everyone using a computer. And there are many services provided in internet security industry. You can choose one, or some security software from many options.

Among them, two big companies offering internet security are going to be combined. Avast, a famous internet security company, founded in the Czech Republic, announced to buy AVG, which is also a popular internet security provider in Czechia, for 1.3 billion USD.



The acquisition has been accepted by the both companies. They will be merged in this autumn. They are willing to provide excellent services not limited to internet security but also on the Internet of the Things (IoT) region.

ITProPortal: Avast buys AVG for £1 billion

The both companies look sharing basic concepts. Consolidation itself will not be difficult. Avast has eliminated a strong competitor and took it into their part. However, it is not sure if this merger will contribute to the improvement of profit. Both Avast and AVG rely on advertisement model. Most consumers of Avast and AVG do not pay for their service. Avast will raise the fee for advertisement to compensate the expenditure of this move. It will make some companies withdraw the contract of advertisement.

On the other hand, it will be beneficial for users to utilize the new antivirus software which will be provided by Avast. Development of an internet security software is costly. Its effectiveness highly depends on the amount of data of violated cases. Heuristic analysis is commonly adopted in modern security software. It also needs big data to be sophisticated. Combining the information possessed by Avast and AVG will be useful for developing stronger antivirus solution.

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