Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hot tea is cool in summer, study says

Hot drinks will cool you down more effectively than cold drinks, according to recent studies.

It has been traditionally said that hot drinks are recommended in summer. In tropical areas, hot tea is consumed by many citizens. Also in Japan, some elder people are fond of drinking hot green tea even when it is hot.

Water is necessary for the human. But taking excessive water in a short term is rather harmful. It burdens the cardiovascular and urinary system. It can cause imbalanced blood mineral. In addition, cold beverages gets rid of energy from internal organs. Cooled stomach and intestine are hardly working adequately because some enzymes are properly activated at a certain temperature.

In contrast, warm drinks stimulate gastrointestinal tracts, to make more sweat. It leads to cool the whole body down. As a result of a clinical experiment, people drunk 50 centigrade water made sweat than 1.5 centigrade water by approximately 100ml. And sweating is the most effective way to cool the body for the human.

Mail Online: Why you should ditch that ice cream for a cup of tea: Hot drinks really DO cool us down in summer, experts reveal

Another study suggested that taking ice makes it harder for the body to reduce the heat. It seems quite controversial, but the work of heat receptors in the body explains this phenomenon.

These facts do not mean cold drinks should be avoided in hot circumstances. In a hot and moist field, ingestion of iced drink is beneficial. Dehydration is seriously risky in the hot environment.

Afterall, recommending hot tea in summer is no more superstition. I would like to try it this summer.

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