Sunday, July 17, 2016

Nice terror attack: Why France again?

On Bastille Day, a 31-year-old lorry driver believed to be Mohamed Lanhouaiej-Bouhlel, made a trample into passengers in Nice. He killed at least 84 people and injured more than 300. The victims included a dozen children.

The background of this terrible attack is still under investigation. The criminal is dead shot by the police. French government considered this incident as a terror attack at the beginning. Afterwards, Islamic State claimed the responsibility of this cruel act.

BBC: Nice attack: What we know about the Bastille Day killings

French President Francois Hollande ordered a three-month state of emergency, which was later extended to July 26, 2016.

I can imagine the deep grief of the victims and their families. Pray for the victims and never accept terrorists. By the way, I have to learn why France has been targeted to terrorism so frequently in these days.

One of the reason seems that France, especially Paris, is deemed as a beacon of liberty, according to Neil Fergus, chief executive of Intelligent Risks.

IS itself is becoming weakened, exposing the battle in Iraq. As it cannot keep a regular force, the members have to choose suicidal terrors all over the world instead. France is not an easy but important target for IS. Why France has become the ‘epicentre’ of terror attacks in Europe

On the other hand, France has a complicated history of the relationship with the Middle East. The domestic Muslim community in France had been discriminated for a long time. Therefore, it is said that extremists recruit candidates of suicidal bombers in France’s prisons. In recent years, far-right-winded parties are expanding in France. They may inflict hatred of extremists.

TIME: Why France Has Become the Number One Target for Terror

If these factors influence the emergence of terror attacks, France will be continuously targeted by terrorists. The situation is quite serious.

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