Monday, April 11, 2016

Virtual sex suit was developed?

I wrote previously that technology is developed in the war and spread in the eroticism. Virtual Reality (VR) is very fitting to the both. Nowadays, there are very realistic flight simulators for soldiers to train skills to control a fighter without any danger. Also, VR is often said to relieve soldiers from fear. It leads to a broad discussion about the safety of VR utilization.

On the other hand, it is easy to imagine the usage of VR for an erotic purpose. The other day, telephone sex was popular as a new figure of pleasure. But, it is difficult in real to stimulate human organs with just right intensity. In addition, sexual sensation differs from each other. Therefore, virtual sex machine is still a fantasy.

Very recently, it was reported that Tenga, a Japanese company providing masturbation tools, was successful to develop a VR suit which enables virtual sex with a character in the animation.

Mt past entry: Development by the war, spread by the eroticism

Tenga is a unique company, and staffs are serious to pursuit enjoyable masturbation. But, actually, this news was an April Fool joke. IBTimes might be deceived by the fake website. I am afraid Japanese are deemed by the reporter as kinky guys.

International Business Times:  VR sex suit: $400 Tenga male masturbator lets you touch anime breasts – and it's already sold out

In real, VR suit for gamers is under-developing. Tesla Studios is eager to invent a suit which can send several tremor and vibration that persons in the game would sense to the user. But it seems gathering money for development is not going well.

Tesla Studios: Teslasuit

We will have to wait for a while to equip a VR suit. But I think it will be realized in the near future. Then, we will encounter a similar problem to war simulator. Excessive sensitization by VR would twist our original sense. At present, very few people are satisfied to see a romance movie instead of a real relationship. But the potential of VR is unpredictable. I am not sure what will happen.

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