Thursday, April 7, 2016

China participates in the sanction against North Korea

China is going to make a sanction against North Korea as well as other UN members.

Its decision is based on the Security Council's resolution passed on March. The UN has been restricting the export to North Korea as it had the continuous ambition to develop nuclear weapons. Recent provocative behaviors of North Korea led to the tougher content of sanction by the UN.

Independent: China announces sanctions against North Korea

China had been relatively supportive to North Korea so far. It was historically an ally in the era of Korean War. Also, North Korea is located between China and South Korea which is an intimate partner of the US. The Chinese government may consider that China will be threatened by the US if North Korea perishes. Just recently, China opposed to conducting an international conference on the security of Far-east region without North Korea.

Now, China is on the other side of North Korea in this issue. North Korean media harshly blamed China as it had surrendered to the demonic US.

Actually, it is not for the first time that North Korea criticized China. Since Xi Jinping became the President of China, North Korea tended to charge China frequently.

In these months, North Korea seems to repeat reckless provocation and agitation. It performed ballistic missile launch several times recently. It intends to establish a decisive weapon adequate to match the US and other Western countries. But it sacrifices national wealth at all. Development of weapons is very costly. I heard the news that soldiers of North Korea sold their tooth powder provided by the government to gain fish from fishers.

It seems that North Korea is going to collapse. It will be an inevitable outcome that dictators ruin the nation finally. The issue is, when and how it will happen. Refugees from North Korea will have no choice but entering South Korea, or China. It will bring them a tough situation, like Europe accepting refugees from the Middle East. Japan will also be involved. We should be responsible for it.

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