Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Czech recommend being called Czechia

The name of Czech Republic is going to be amended.

Milos Zeman, President of Czech Republic, and his colleagues made an official announcement to the UN, asking for the use of Czechia as an alternative name of the nation.

The Atlantic: The New Name for the Czech Republic

 It had been discussed that the Czech Republic might be too long to be called in some situations such as Olympic or business meetings. Similar arguments sometimes occur. Italy and France are also shortened names from their original terms.

The Czech Republic was born in 1993 separated from Czechoslovakia. It has a unique and complex history, as I have heard from a Czech researcher.

My past entry: Religious matter in Japan

Some citizens are opposing this new name as it may be misidentified as Chechnya. It would be possible, I think, but there are few candidates as a nation's name which is both unique and historical.

Japan has a long history as a nation. It originated from 4-6th century. In this era, Japan was called "Yamato" or "Wa." The name "Nippon (Japanese name of Japan)" was firstly described in the 7th century, saying that a Japanese ambassador introduced Japan as "Nippon" to China. Though it is unclear when the government established its name, nobody doubts about its correctness now.

I believe that the name of a nation is extremely important for citizens. However, on some occasions, it has to be amended. I have hardly imagined such a situation, to be honest.

I will visit Czech next year for an academic conference. I hope Czechia will be spread well until then.

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